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About Jimmy Brannon

Jimmy's academic and career accomplishments along with a wide experience of successful practice allow a unique understanding of the law that will be brought to the handling of your legal matter.

  • From roots in his family's newspaper business, where he has served as editor and won statewide awards for his writing-to his successful law career.
  • he has won multiple serious high profile cases and also cases in the Kentucky Supreme Court;
  • Service in local elective public office for eight years
  • A single parent.
  •  Jimmy has a very wide array of both legal and life experience. He is:
  • a published author,
  • a cancer survivor, and
  • an avid runner winning numerous medals in 5K races. 
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Make no mistake, knowledge of the law and academic ability is important: Jimmy graduated from the UK Law school where he was admitted to Law Journal and also served on the Moot Court Board, for example. However, Jimmy's life experiences together with his wide ranging law practice in civil and criminal matters, family and probate courts and bankruptcy courts make Jimmy not simply a qualified attorney, but a true, Counselor of Law. 

The story of my son Patrick's battle with childhood cancer

Book about a boy who fought childrens cancer

GOOSE! Goose was the nickname for my son, Patrick, who died at age 13, following a three year fight with childhood cancer. Patrick was an inspiration for many who knew him. “I love you my, Goose” is a book which I authored in 2007 about Patrick’s journey and his strong will to live.  The book has received accolades for helping to inspire others who are going through the fight against cancer.

Service as elected public official was a great honor and learning experience

I was honored to serve as City Commissioner in Paris for a total of 8 years (4 terms). This was a great learning experience and I like to think I was able to contribute to the betterment of the community during that time of service.

Campaigning for a public office is a humbling experience. Citizens expect a lot, as they should. It is an awesome responsibility.


But on the other hand it seems you are often limited in what can be done to solve all problems.

I have a strong belief, one borne  out by years of observation,  that a good lawyer must have a well rounded experience. My service in public office helped to provide that. 

University Press of Kentucky review of The Kentucky Encyclopedia

The  Kentucky Bicentennial Commission on which I served was a great honor and left as its legacy the Kentucky Encylopedia

I love the Bluegrass State and most of us love UK sports. But there is so much more in Kentucky. Years ago I was appointed by the Governor to the Kentucky Bicentennial Commission which organized the Commonwealth’s Bicentennial Celebration in 1992 and which left as its legacy, the Kentucky Encyclopedia, which is a reference book every Kentuckian ought to buy. If you buy one, let me know and I would love to sign your copy in the front where my name appears along with the other members of the Bicentennial Commission.

The successful practice of law requires productive, healthy attitudes and a recognition of things that matter versus things that don't, so much. Many things have helped me through the good times and bad. A few of them are noted here.

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Tub, the Pug, was my best friend for near 16 years. Tub traveled everywhere with me and was always by my side right up until his death in 2018.

By sheer happenstance I ran into a Pug Rescue a few months later; Midway, the Pug, is also becoming a very special friend.

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I have been a life long runner from when I enjoyed a pretty good track career running the sprints in high school; Running and working out generally is a big part of my life and it helps maintain a healthy attitude which is important in a busy law practice. Running in 5K races not only is great for staying in shape, but you meet the greatest people and in the process usually support a worthy cause. 

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My daughter, Sarah, who just graduated from Berea College has been a real inspiration. Sarah plans to  continue her education  in law school or graduate school once the Coronavirus situation settles down.

Sarah worked last summer at a law Office in New York and is shown above at the International Criminal Court during her study abroad which took her The Netherlands, Germany and Poland.

Sarah had very good grades in obtaining her four year degree, along with a very successful work career at Berea College and has developed a keen interest in politics and is a strong Democratic Party supporter.

I am a little biased, I will admit, but, Sarah has truly poised herself for a great career in whatever route she ultimately proceeds.

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The Citizen Is Oldest Newspaper

West Of Allegheny Mountains

  The Bourbon County Citizen is the oldest newspaper west of the Allegheny Mountains which is continous publication. The newspaper is a lineal descdent of the Western CItizen, established in 1807. 

     The newspaper has been owned by the family of Jimmy Brannon since the early 1940's, making the paper historical in several respects. 

      Four generations of the Brannon family have worked at the publication which has won multiple statewide awards for community journalism. 

         The newspaper's on line edition may be found at the following link. 



Brannon Has Worked In Newspaper Business Since His Childhood

     Jimmy Brannon has worked in his family's newspaper business since childhood and has won multiple awards for writing including the one shown in the picture above.

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