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We have proven experience in a wide  variety of practice areas
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DISABLED? If you have been denied or need to apply. We can help you file and win your disability claim.  We have helped many clients obtain social security disability and SSI.


Jimmy Brannon has written hundreds of wills, powers of attorney and related probate documents. And has tried and won multiple will contests in Circuit Courts.


Civil Practice and Litigation 
From business and property litigation to evictions and small claims, Jimmy Brannon has had successful experience in trying these cases. 

Other Illustrative cases-

Client, a police officer was sued for police misconduct; Jury verdict in favor of client

Client was a police officer who had been sued in a civil case for allegely violating the civil rights of a citizen who claimed he had made insinuating gestures and flashed his badge at the plaintiff at a car wash in Maysville, Kentucky.  The plaintiff's lawyers sought thousands of dollars in damages and attorney's fees from my client and also from the city where he was the police chief. 
The case went to trial in Mason County and after a couple of days trial, the jury returned a verdict in client's favor. This was simply a case of overzealous prosecution. Whether the client who was an older fellow did anything wrong or not was not the real question. The bigger problems was that there simply was no damage, whatsoever. 

Client, a police officer was sued for police misconduct; Jury verdict in favor of client

Client was named as beneficiary in a will. Other family members filed suit and sought to have will provisions set aside in a Circuit Court will contest. The decedent was elderly and infirm and had been diagnosed with dementia. 
However, we were able to prevail at trial because we showed that the will provisions made sense and that, while the decedent had been diagnosed with dementia, he did also have "lucid intervals." 
The will was upheld by the Court. 

Client received a six figure settlement in a tractor roll over case

Client was injured following a tractor roll over incident. The case became protracted as there were multiple parties, witnesses and insurance companies.

After we filed suit and following voluminous discovery and attempts at mediation, we were able to obtain a six-figure settlement for the client. 

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